Friday, August 28, 2009

Double V Designs

This summer I was lucky enough to get a chance to re-design a commercial space, for the first time.  I love all things design and the thought of having an actual budget and getting to be a project manager was nothing less than a dream come true.  I answered an ad in our local paper, coincidentally, 3 of my friends called me about the same ad, saying it sounded perfect for me and my skills.  I puffed up my chest, swallowed my fears and called James Hargreaves of The Chelsea SmokeHouse.  He and his wife Line Boyer had purchased a small diner and were looking to re-vamp it so that it would be up to snuff with the amazing foods that they create in their already successful Chelsea, Quebec business.
"Speaking!" He said in a cheerful London accent.
"I just read your want-ad.... and not to toot my own horn, but I believe you wrote that ad for me!"
He laughed, we chatted and soon after a new working relationship was born.

It was challenging for myself and my amazing, talented team of carpenters, painters and fellow designer Virginia Maffini as well as for Line and James.  But this was an opportunity that led, not only to an awesome transformation, but learning experience and finally what I think will be a very successful and functional space.  Now that Virginia and I have cut our teeth, so to speak, on a commercial space, we have decided to create our own sideline of a design business, specializing in staging homes for sale and helping people tailor their homes and businesses in a fresh, modern way.

Line and James took a chance on us, but I believe we lived up to this challenge, we gained invaluable  experience and two wonderful new friends.  We are so proud of Le Resto and are looking forward to the delicious cuisine and relaxing in what has become a lovely space.

Please check out the before and after pictures on James' website and if you are in ever in Chelsea, your mouth will thank you for stopping by either of these fine establishments!

Le Resto opens it doors Monday August 31st

528 Route 105
Chelsea, QC J9B 1L2, 

(819) 827-5559

Virginia & Victoria Maffini 
Double V Designs 

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